We are always striving to be an educational resource for our trainers and students. Being the only 141 part private flight school in Wichita, KS we need to do our part in sharing our knowledge and expertise on all things flying, to our community. At Aviation Academy, we guide you the whole way to the end goal of becoming a pilot. By continuing to maintain our high standards and graduation rates, we guarantee that our school will provide the best education and experience for your future as a pilot.

With our years of experience in flying, we have some helpful tips and tricks that we want to share. The first one starting with a spin.


What is a spin?

A spin is when the aircraft is stalled with one wing being more stalled than the other. The lower wing is more stalled than the high wing and causes more drag making the aircraft spin.

A spin is as an aggravated stall that results in what is termed “autorotation” wherein the airplane follows a downward corkscrew path. As the airplane rotates around a vertical axis, the rising wing is less stalled than the descending wing creating a rolling, yawing, and pitching motion. The airplane is basically being forced downward by gravity in a spiral path.


How do you recover from a spin?

To recover from a spin the most important thing is to break the stall. To break a stall, you must pitch down.

There is also an acronym to help remember every step of a spin recovery.


P-power to idle

A-ailerons neutral

R- rudder opposite of the spin

E-elevator forward

This will break the spin and help return the aircraft to a normal flight altitude. If you can’t remember every step, just remember to spin the aircraft it needs to be stalled. So, to stop the spin, pitch the nose down to break the stall.

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