Pilot License

The Private Pilot License (PPL) is a lifetime accomplishment that qualifies you to fly an aircraft anywhere in the world day or night under visual flight rules.


An Instrument Rating can be added to your license so you can fly in the clouds and lower visibility days/nights.

Pilot License

Your Commercial Pilot License allows a pilot to accept pay for transporting passengers or cargo (when complying with FAR PART 91, 135, OR 121).

Sign Off

This is required to fly an aircraft with retractable gear and constant speed prop.

High Performance
Sign Off

This is required to fly an aircraft with more than 200 Horsepower

Flight Instructor

  • CFI Certified Flight Instructor
  • CFII
  • MEI
  • Ground Instructor License

Multi Engine

This rating is needed to fly an aircraft with more than one engine.


Companion Flight Training: This training is for people who fly with a licensed pilot that wish to learn the basics of flying without the intent to get a license. (For example: a spouse who would like to learn how to work the radio communications or land an airplane in case of an emergency)