An Instrument Rating can be added to your license so you can fly in the clouds and lower visibility days/nights.

Where the Private Pilot License just enables you to fly with Visual Flight Rules (you can only fly if you can see the horizon as a reference), adding an Instrument Rating allows you to fly with Instrument Flight Rules. Basically it removes the weather limitation from flying and increases the flexibility of the airplane as a source of transportation. The aircraft instruments are used to navigate to the destination.

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Commercial and private pilots are in great demand. Starting salaries begin in the range of $50,000 & up. The pool of qualified pilots has and is shrinking. This means that being a pilot has become a much better paying career.

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If you know what you want, we can fuel your ascent. If you’re new to the possibility of being a pilot we can guide you through the options, requirements and resources, as well as, propel you on the right flight path for your life and goals.