The Private Pilot License (PPL) is a lifetime accomplishment that qualifies you to fly an aircraft anywhere in the world day or night under visual flight rules.

Once you’ve earned this certificate, all you need is a flight review every two years; the certificate never expires. The minimum age requirement is 17 years and you must obtain a FAA medical certificate. The Private Pilot License is the first step for anyone starting out in aviation. You can then build upon your PPL by adding ratings and advanced certificates. Whether you want to learn to fly for a hobby, or want to make it a career, everyone starts by achieving their PPL.

How long does it take? The course, based on 2-3 sessions per week, normally takes three to six months. The time frame is very dependent on the student’s ability to dedicate time to both flight training and studying.

Be Well Paid

Commercial and private pilots are in great demand. Starting salaries begin in the range of $50,000 & up. The pool of qualified pilots has and is shrinking. This means that being a pilot has become a much better paying career.

Top Flight Instruction

We offer experienced flight instruction and training for: private flight instruction, instrument training, commercial certified flight instruction, flight reviews, wings program, companion flyers.

We Guide You

If you know what you want, we can fuel your ascent. If you’re new to the possibility of being a pilot we can guide you through the options, requirements and resources, as well as, propel you on the right flight path for your life and goals.