Pursue your aviation goals or help someone’s aviation dreams come true with AOPA scholarships.

Made possible through donations to the AOPA Foundation, the more than $1 million in scholarships are a major benefit of AOPA membership, helping members reach their aviation goals. The scholarships range from $2,500 to $14,000 for private pilots and primary training, to aircraft maintenance technician training and more.

Scholarships are eligible for AOPA members who are U.S citizens or U.S. permanent residents.


Funding for your aviation training

Not sure where to start when financing your aviation training? The AOPA has scholarships available for all different ratings whether it be private or more advanced training.

There are also $10,000 scholarships available for high school students.


Wichita, Kansas Flight School

Along with this fantastic scholarship opportunity and Aviation Academy’s fantastic rental rates for our students you will be able to achieve all of your aviation goals in one place. We offer customized training programs like private pilot instruction, instrument training, flights reviews and more. Come get started with us today!

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