We value our students who choose to go through our school, and we know it can be a big investment. But commercial and private pilots are in high demand and get paid well. Starting salaries begin in the range of $50,000 and up. The pool of qualified pilots has and is shrinking. This means that being a pilot has become a much better paying career. So, the investment in quality training is well worth it.


Aviation Academy will propel you on the right flight path

We guide our students through the process of options, requirements, and all the resources that we know of to help you on the right flight path for your life and goals. Given the hefty investment flying lessons can be, we have rounded up some tips for our students to help reduce the costs of private pilot training. If you are wanting more tips and tricks related to pilot training, check out our other blog posts.


Study before every flying lesson

For every hour you are in the air you should be spending two studying. This helps with minimizing the actual time taken away from your training to review information. You want to optimize your time with your teacher as much as possible.


Plan ahead when going through pilot training

Ask your CFI what maneuvers you will be going over next so you can review the procedures. Your CFI will thank you for coming prepared, and you won’t have to repeat lessons for forgetting how to enter a maneuver.


Chair fly as much as possible

We have an FAA Approved Elite PI-135 Aviation Training Device that can be used for complete startup to shutdown procedures. Get flying credit for the private license, instrument ratings, and recency experience (for rated pilots). Utilizing the flight simulator will help you remember maneuver procedures and keep things fresh.


Fly consistently

This may seem obvious but flying consistently is key to keeping training costs low. Staying proficient is achieved by flying often. Practice makes perfect! Students oftentimes struggle if they space out their flights more than a week apart. This delays training and you are more likely to come unprepared for a lesson and your skills won’t be as sharp.


Become a pilot with Aviation Academy

Flying an airplane isn’t easy, especially when you are just starting out, so the more you work at it consistently, the better. We are the top flight training school in the Midwest and we are the only part 141 school in the Wichita, Kansas area. Reach out to us for more information if you want to become a pilot.

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