Airplanes operate in an environment that is unlike an automobile. Drivers drive with a narrow field of view and focus primarily on forward motion. Beginning pilots tend to practice the same. Flight instructors face the challenge of teaching beginning pilots about attitude awareness, which requires understanding the motions of flight. An airplane rotates in bank, pitch, and yaw while also moving horizontally, vertically, and laterally. So, having extensive training when flying an aircraft is extremely important.

But many students are unsure why we practice maneuvers and what skills they should focus on learning. Maneuvers must be completed for adequate pilot training.

To give you a little preview of our training program, we outlined a few skills we make sure our students master:


Mastering steep turns during pilot training

Steep turns are a result from a degree of bank of approximately 45° or more. The airplane continues in the direction of the bank even with neutral flight controls unless the pilot provides opposite flight control aileron pressure to prevent the airplane from over banking. The amount of opposite flight control pressure used depends on various factors, such as bank angle and airspeed.

Steep turns help develop pilots’ skills of coordination and control smoothness. It also allows students to build an understanding of both situational awareness and aircraft orientation awareness.


Traffic and terrain avoidance while flying

Another essential skill that we focus on is traffic and terrain avoidance, as well as attention division. Always look for other traffic and hazardous obstacles during the completion of the maneuver. The ability to focus on both the standards of the maneuver and maintaining safe separation.

Find more information about steep turns and all the training maneuvers in the FAA’s Airplane Flying Handbook.


Private pilot training in Wichita, Kansas

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